Timberwood of Naples, Inc.

Pool Club House Reservation Request


Name of Resident:_____________________________________


Unit #____________Phone Number: _____________________


Date of Reservation:___________________________________


2 Time Slots For Parties:  10:00 AM to 2:00 PM              4:00 PM to 8:00 PM

(Please note reservation time is limited to 4 hours, which includes set-up, party, and clean up.)

Number of People:_____________(Max Limit = 20 guests)


$150.00 Deposit Check received:   Check No:___________


The Guidelines:

1.      Reservations are on a first come basis and for the Pool Club House only. The Pool area is for all residents and their guests. Submit your reservations well in advance in order to secure your requested date.

2.      Reserved parties will be posted in the Community Notices box at all mailboxes.

3.      All guests must park in “visitor” parking places. Please note:  It is your responsibility to inform your guests where to park and where not to park.  Do not park on grass or in the street or in resident’s assigned spaces.

4.      The restroom facilities are for all residents.  Please do not block any resident’s use during your party.

5.      All guests must adhere to Timberwood’s Association and Pool Rules.

6.      NO water balloons!!! They cause damage to the pool’s filtration systems.

7.      A $150.00 refundable deposit check is required to reserve the Pool Club House.  

8.      You are required to clean up after your party, which means:  Please throw away all trash and take bag(s) to the dumpster.  Please sweep up any food and debris on the floor. Others use these facilities and it should be kept clean. 

9.      If the pool house is clean and no damage has occurred the deposit check will be returned to “you”.  If we “Timberwood” have to clean up after your party the deposit check with not be returned. If there are damages, the deposit check will not be returned and “you” will be responsible to pay the additional costs above the deposit amount for the clean up and repair of the damages.

10.  Please complete this form and return to the 3301 Timberwood box located in the front gazebo on top of the mailboxes. (Do not send it to our accountant; she does not control the reservations of the clubhouse. The Board of Directors does this.)


I hereby understand and agree to the above terms and conditions for the usage of Timberwood’s Pool Club House and accept the responsibility for the actions of my guests and consideration of my neighbors.


Resident’s Signature:__________________________                        Date:____________


Approved by:_________________________________                        Date:____________

                             (Timberwood Board of Directors)